Favorite Scripture

Alma 36:21-22
21 Yea, I say unto you, my son, that there could be nothing so exquisite and so bitter as were my pains. Yea, and again I say unto you, my son, that on the other hand, there can be nothing so exquisite and sweet as was my joy.

22 Yea, methought I saw, even as our father Lehi saw, God sitting upon His throne, surrounded with numberless concourses of angels, in the attitude of singing and praising their God; yea, and my soul did long to be there.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Ola minha familia. Este computador nao tem sutalk marks. Ok, well, that last sentence has a few english words, but I don't know how to say marks in portuguese. sutalk=accent. whether I spelled it right or not, whatever.

Well, let's get down to buisness(to defeat the huns...did they send me daughters, when I asked for sons?[I think he should be grateful for daughters. just like in missionary work, they do a great job]).
first off. Mom, I have to apologize. I have not yet emailed my mission pres. I will today. I'll be leaving my shampoo and conditioner and soap(taking my bug spray though, and sunscreen). Josh, don't be offended, but my preach my gospel cover and hinos cover will stay(I need the weight and they probably will be stolen in africa). I am not sure whether I should take bedsheets. I will try to fit one set, but I know both will not fit. I think I will be needing a backpack afterall. The small waterpack? I don't know. It all depends on what'll fit and how heavy the suitcase is. anything I leave behind, though, will be useful for you guys or you can save.
Mom, I was a kidding with the whole tree hiding thing. I'll find out who I need to talk to and figure out how to get you my suitcase. Also(and sorry this isn't very organized, I really wish I had more time) I might be leaving some medicines depending on what pres says. I don't really want to leave anything behind, but I can't fit it within the one suitcase, fifty lbs limit.

So, to wrap up:
1 I will figure out how to get you my extra stuff.
2 I have a few things in mind to leave and will email pres today with some Qs.
3 I would love my backpack. Another peice of luggage that the airlines don't check for weight is great. It means more stuff I can take. Also. The small pack is nice, but a big packmight come in handy in africa.
4 I might need compression bags to fit all my clothes in. We'll see.

Alright. so I have something for you guys.
The Army of helamam usually goes: we will be the lord's missionaries to bring the world his truth.
But here, they sing: We are now the Lord's missionaries to bring the world his truth.
Thought you'd enjoy knowing that. i made me smile.

The I love you necklace, mom, is great. I love it and everyone who sees it tells me that you are awesome and they like it.

I forgot to tell you. Last sunday, we were in our classroom having a district meeting and all of a sudden the fire alarms go off. We all thought it was a poorly planned drill, but we evacuated. It wasn't until the three firetrucks pulled in and ran in with full gear that i remembered I left my preach my gospel and hinos covers inside. Josh, I'm sorry I left them, they're fine, but I was feeling pretty stupid at that moment. Long story short, no fire, just a stupid light bulb exploded making smoke.

A normal day in the CTM huh? hm...well every day is a little different. every day we have class for six hours (not all at once-in three hour blocks). Se have gym and study time is scattered all over. We teach 1-2 investigators a day(our teachers posing as investigators and sometimes we get to play investigator for each other[my character is named Joshua, is Athiest, and doesn't really care to hear the missionaries. he only is there because his roomate Elder Proksch/John let them in while he was studying]) every day we have three meals. I eat a salad at every meal and I try not to drink soda. Mom, I eat veggies and fruits a plenty. Plus, I have gained 7 lbs.  At gym I have been trying to do push ups and pull ups and run in addition to playing other ballgames(a master at foursquare...;p) [Josh, maybe the Olympics should include foursquare. I can just see the chinese going crazy all over the court-hehe.)

If you want to feel the spirit and learn a bit about africa, on lds.org, there is a few sections about elder holland visiting africa. There's three clips(that made us ansy to go) that are great.

Don't worry too much about school, Mom, you'll do great. And
Ben! I love you bud. I miss you miss you miss you too! Enjoy swimming and shots.

Ok, leave me in the dark, but four new tires was enough to spark my companion's interest as to what happened. Tell grandpa happy birthday for me! And I love him.

I'm going to share part of Elder Evan's favorite quote: "Ima show YOU how great I am! I'm so bad, I murdered a rock; Injured a stone; hospitalized a brick. I'm so bad I make medicine sick." -by Muhamad Ali

well, my time is up. I haven't said a quarter of what I'd like to say, and I need to email pres.

Love your son/brother missionary,
Elder Captain Christopher America Wartena

Friday, August 3, 2012

Week 4
At least, if I have counted right, it's week four.

Oh, bad thing to do here at the MTC-Watch the videos on the LDS website about Africa. Elder Holland went there and in the videos he testifies of the greatness of the African people. Also, the conversion stories made me jealous of Elders Going and Rameka who left for Mozambique this week.

Anyhow. How's life at home? I haven't heard much. Dad sent me a letter, but I forgot it back at the resedence(sorry).

So...they wait for me to leave, then they do a water sport in youth conference? Kidding, but it sounds like a ton of fun.

Josh, I love your names in the DearElders. You will receive a letter this week from Elder Captain America.

Josh is probably shaking his head at my stupidity...and grammer...and spelling. Oh, well, I just want to make sure you guys know I love you.

Psh, I'm writing like I don't even know you. What’s wrong with me?

So, you all probably want to know what's going on over here. Um...Portuguese is getting easier-I'm not very confident in the language, but it's getting there. My comp. is great. He has a hard time staying focused on one task, but he is confident in what he does which is one thing I am not. We are working on figuring out how to teach together. He likes to "wing it" in lessons and I tend to think that we must plan, you know, at least some for our (hence the term OUR) lessons. I can see why he does it though-both of us are not used to teaching WITH someone else. It's hard. If one missionary wants to go one direction out of the blue the other missionary will get lost, especially if it's in Portuguese.

The food here is ok. I mean, it tastes pretty good, but like I said in my last letter, it will never top Mom's cooking. And...it makes all the Elders REALLY gassy. Not me so much, but everyone else complains and jokes about cutting the cheese all-day-long (not a very pleasant smell).

One thing I want to say is Thank You Mom and Dad for raising me the way you did. I mean, everyone, and I mean everyone I have ever met, knows my standards.

Anyway. The stupid timer is at thirty seconds, so I'd better finish.

I love you all more that ice cream (speaking of which, I've kinda gotten sick of candy and sweets).

Your son/brother/missionary,
Elder Wartena

P.S. Everyone hug everyone for me!

There were a few more things in the letter just for our family.  Hope you enjoy hearing about the fun and growth.

Signing off for now,
The Mama
Here it is, the letter from July 27th.  Just one of the best parts of my week each week.

So I officially hate this computer. The stupid thing wouldn't take my LDS mail account user name. Then, I found out that it isn't my LDS account user name it wanted. It wanted my gmail account user name & STUPID COMPUTER LIED TO ME! AND I LOST FIVE PRECIOUS MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AG!

Entou, tempo por real new. I am now speaking Portuglish. Portuguese, not quite, but really slow portuglish, yes. It started coming easier once I figured out that this mission is not for me, it's for the Lord and the people I will be teaching.

AH! After I got over the shocks of:
1-moving (never have in recent memory)
2-being with someone 25/7 and everyone expecting you to be best friends (wasn't hard, but I did have to get used to the idea)
3-That even though it is all you can eat at every meal, you shouldn't do it at every meal, especially Sunday ice cream bar.

I hope you got my letter. I kind of sent a list of things I'd like. Send me a DearElder this week telling me what you think. It's not that I MUST HAVE THEM, but I would really like to have what's on the list. Hopefully you have it so you know what I'm talking about.

One thing in the letter though I want to post here. I told you my favorite scripture (for my plaque) one verse off. I said Alma 36:20-21. But it really was 21-22. I wanted to include the part about Alma seeing the concourses of angels and desiring to be there. If you already posted it, that's fine, if not, please change it.

All right, on to other things.

BEN! I love you bud! I love the little notes you've given me! I'm missing your smiling face. Give Mom a kiss right now for me!

Josh, Josh, Josh. I know you only tell me the Dark Knight sucked because you don't want me to get trunky. Don't worry. I won't get trunky over a movie. I am here and I won't miss those things. HAH! Take that Satan! I falcon punched him in the face! Hm. ps. how's the girl hunt?

Nate! I miss you so much. I think I have talked about you the most to my comp. I've told him how people think we're twins (you being older), and how you are my very best bud. Whoever gets you as a comp is a lucky fellow. How are your 6:30 am runs? How's mission prep? Tell the Cooks I said hi and THANK YOU SO MUCH for all they taught me.

Stupid timer is so distracting. 9 minutes left. 8 minutes left. Oh! 30 minutes to write is too short! I have too much to say.

Covey died! Dang. No I didn't hear about that. I'm gonna miss him. I didn't know him, but you got so much of his planning stuff I feel like I did.

Good news. I got a water bottle. Found out that if I carry a waterbottle around, I drink more. I had a nasty headache until I started carrying it around with me.

HEY JO! Do you miss me? How's school? Give Mom a hug for me, ok?

Matt...like I said in my letter...STOP GROWING you're are going to start banging your head on this if you don't, and I don't want you to get brain damage. And your feet!? Psh, ol' little foot over here isn't jelous, nope, not a bit. I'll just chill in my size 9 shoes and laugh! HAH! not jelous at all..................Give Mom another hug.

Three minutes! bah!

DAD! I love you so much. Thanks for the letter. The advice on using the spirit as a thermometer is great. I've started trying it. The spirit was so strong in the temple today. I loved it!

Tell Aunty Kari I loved the package and the tie is fantastic. I've had Elders complement it.

Stupid clock. one minute.

Oh, cool fact, one of our investigators is name Rafiel. Cool huh! I'm teaching a ninja turtle! Kidding, but brothers'll enjoy that one.

Well, there goes the clock. I've got to finish up. Next time I'll get the full 30 minutes.

Your Missionary Son/brother
Elder Wartena

PS. Everyone give each other hugs for me!

Signing off for now,
The Mama